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Doctor Who (Mostly "the Eleventh Hour")

Doctor Who, M.D.

So, the other day, Molly told me that she was old enough to watch the new series of Doctor Who that will be starting up over Easter. I asked her if she wanted to watch some of the older episodes with me, so we did. We watched a couple of David Tennent episodes, including "The Sound of Drums" because she loves the song "Voodoo Child" which is played in it. Because of the references to the Doctor's hand being cut off, she wanted to watch the episode where that happened. So we put on "The Christmas Invasion" and she got to see that.

Anyhow, to prep her for the fact that it was going to be a different Doctor, I started to show her some Matt Smith episodes next. She's watched "The Eleventh Hour" and really liked it. I jumped ahead a bit (well, it is a show about time travel) and showed her "The Lodger" next. Mostly because I wanted to watch that episode again.

Well, she really likes the show and, despite being temporarily nervous about the crack in her own bedroom wall, she really loves it. So I am excited to watch the next season with her. I like to comment on Doctor Who, so I thought I would review the new series episodes with her when they come out. But in the meantime, I thought I'd give a go to see what she knew about the episodes she already saw and we decided to do a random review after her seeing five or so episodes between two Doctors.

I'm not going to comment much on them. I've already kind of semi-reviewed most of these before. But here's Molly's take on them.

Though one thing has dawned on me. Because of this introduction now, Matt Smith will forever be Molly's Doctor. For those who are Doctor Who fans, you know what that means.

Here's Molly's review:

Molly: (As usual, I'll be transcribing as much as I can from what she says. We were at my computer and I typed up what she was saying as she said it. Though she was very gabby during this session and it was hard to keep up. I'll go back and reformat it when we are finished. Due to her age, the review is mostly in Q&A format.)

Chuckie: So tell me about the teevee show, Doctor Who.
Molly: He's the Doctor. You might get confused because he's two boys. The one asked the girl for new food to try to see if he liked it. And the other one had his hand cut off. There's two of them because instead of dying, he doesn't die.

Chuckie: If he doesn't die, what happens to him?
Molly: He becomes a new person. Can I tell you about Amelia Pond?

Chuckie: Sure.
Molly: Amelia Pond, when she was big, she didn't see the last door. And, remember that guy that change into anything?
Chuckie: You mean Prisoner Zero?
Molly: Yeah. He was behind her. He tried to look like the Doctor and Amelia Pond and the other Doctor thought she was taking a nap, but she wasn't, Prisoner Zero made her do it so that he could change into her as little Amelia Pond and hold the fake Doctor's hand. I don't know why there were three Doctors.

Chuckie: Well, one was a fake Doctor. It was Prisoner Zero pretending to be him.
Molly: Then there were two.

Chuckie: Well, actually there have been eleven Doctors, Pixie.
Molly: In the movie, Daddy?
Chuckie: In the teevee show.
Molly: I didn't see all of the Doctors. You said there were eleven Doctors and I only saw two.

Chuckie: Want me to show you pictures of them?
Molly: Yeah. Of the ones I missed.

(On my second monitor, I go online and show her a compilation picture that has all eleven Doctors on it.)

Molly: One of them really looks like Willy Wonka.
Chuckie: Which one?
Molly: (She points to Colin Baker, the 6th Doctor.) Him.

Chuckie: Yeah, kind of,  I guess. He wasn't as fun as Willy Wonka though.
Molly: Why?

Chuckie: Because he was rude?
Molly: Like Veruca Salt?

Chuckie: I guess. But he wasn't greedy. Just rude.
Molly: But why was he rude?

Chuckie: Because he had a problem with his regeneration.
Molly: What's a 'generation?

Chuckie: When the Doctor before him was going to die, he regenerated and turned into that one. But he had problems with the regeneration, so he was unstable and that made him rude.
Molly: Oh.

Chuckie: So tell me about the Tardis.
Molly: His box?
Chuckie: Yeah.
Molly: It looks little on the outside, but on the inside it looks big. And there was water in there because the swimming pool spilled water into the library! (She was very animated with her hands as she told me that.) But I didn't know that there was a library in there, Daddy, because they never showed it.

Chuckie: Yeah, they kind of imply much more than they show. So, who is the Doctor?
Molly: He's not a human being. He's an alien. He saves people.

Chuckie: From what?
Molly: All kinds of bad things. Oh, and Daddy, remember when that bad guy talked to boys and girls who was upstairs and he said, "Could you help me?"

Chuckie: The one from the episode "the Lodger", where he lived with that guy?
Molly: Yeah. Him made them die, right?

Chuckie: Yeah.
Molly: Except those two. But why didn't they die?

Chuckie: Because they decided that they didn't want to leave. They wanted to stay there.
Molly: Oh. Because they loved each other, right?

Chuckie: Yeah. So, what does the Doctor do with the Tardis?
Molly: He goes to places that he wants to go, but sometimes he goes to places where that girl wants to go, Amelia Pond. Her.

Chuckie: So, tell me about Amy Pond.
Molly: (Corrects me.) AMELIA Pond. Can I talk about her with the Doctor too, because they're both in this part. The Doctor let Amelia Pond pick where they wanted to go. She dressed up like a police girl in a police dress, but she was really something else.

Chuckie: Yeah, we'll talk about that when you're older.
Molly: Why? She was a dancer-kisser. I already know that.

Chuckie: Wow. Okay. Fair enough. I've got to watch out for you when you get older, don't I?
Molly: Mm-hm.

Chuckie: Tell me what happened in the episode, Pixie.
Molly: Um, the crack and he said, "Hello is anybody in there? Hello, is there anybody in there?" And then the eye came and said, "Prisoner Zero".  Then Prisoner Zero barked.
Chuckie: When he was disguised as a man with a dog?
Molly: Mm-hm. He made the wrong sound.

Chuckie: So what happened at the end of the episode?
Molly: They caught Prisoner Zero and they eye aliens took him back home. And then the crystal eye was gone and he opened him hand and there was the key!

Chuckie: To what?
Molly: His blue box!

Chuckie: So, Amelia Pond was a little girl, right?
Molly: Mm-hm. And she was giving him food to eat, but he didn't know if he liked it and he would spit it out, but at least he tried it before he said he didn't like it.

Chuckie: Good point. But anyhow, if she was a little girl, then why was she bigger later?
Molly: Um, because he went through time and came back when she was bigger. But he saved the world, so it's okay.

Chuckie: So, how would you rate the Doctor Who episodes you've seen so far?
Molly: Um, thirty stars I'll take for it. Thirty-two starts actually.
Chuckie: What were the last two stars for?
Molly: I just meant thirty-two. I forgot the two before.
Chuckie: Okay. Out of how many stars?
Molly: Um, in July 26th. That's my birthday. Oh, and Daddy, it gets thirty-two moons.

Chuckie: Out of how many?
Molly: Out of my phone number. And thirty-two suns. I'm having them all the same.

Chuckie: So, who do you think would like Doctor Who?
Molly: Everybody that likes it.
Chuckie: That's a rather safe assessment.
Molly: Daddy, um, you didn't ask out of how many suns?

Chuckie: Okay. Out of how many?
Molly: Out of Japan.

Chuckie: Okay. Did you know that some of our friends watch Doctor Who?
Molly: Who?
Chuckie: Mike and Craig. And Pop Pop used to watch it a long time ago as well.
Molly: When he was little?
Chuckie: No, when Daddy was little. Pop Pop indulged him.

Chuckie: So, is there anything else that you wanted to say about Doctor Who?
Molly: I liked when the Doctor got naked and Amelia Pond watched him. I think that she liked him. But I don't think that he's much of a doctor, because he doesn't have patients. But that's just him name the Doctor.

So that's her review. Molly gave it thirty-two straight across the board this time. I'm very excited about including her in on our viewings of this upcoming season. There will be more then.

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